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[learned, lat. arboreus from arbor ‘tree’ 1485] adj. Having the quality or shape of a tree”

like the trees that surround us for miles around, our Eau de Parfum traces its history into the earth, into our past and stretches its foliage towards the sky, towards the future, and evokes feelings that have always belonged to us and that always push us to look for new ways and new possibilities

available in 15 ml refillable (BONSAI), 50 ml and 100 ml packages, the image is, as always, sober and minimalist, enhancing the purity of the lines and the quality of the packaging, made as much as possible with natural, sustainable, recycled and eco-friendly cellophane-free materials

its olfactory pyramid is an aromatic, flowery and woody fragrance, with a woody and powdery base enriched with vanilla, cedarwood, violet and tonka bean; it develops with flowery notes of ylang, zagra, orange blossom, honey and cloves to finish with fresh and aromatic with notes of petitgrain, blackcurrant and linden blossoms